Following Zoella’s Example

zoella- Therapy in London

I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine about Youtuber Zoella’s (Zoe Sugg) battle with anxiety.

Zoe feels able to broadcast her message to youtube, yet suffers from so much anxiety that she feels unable to do certain things that many take for granted, such as going to London on the train.

She celebrates the fact that she sees a therapist every week stating that:

‘People go to the gym, they go to hairdressers but nobody looks after their mind’

I agree with this; what is on display must be cared for but when it comes to the mind, it is neglected.  Issues are ignored which may be why the focus is on the physical appearance, as it is controllable, whereas the mind seems uncontrollable.

What stops us?

There is a stigma surrounding therapy. There is difficulty admitting that you are failing or can’t cope, yet what goes on in the mind dictates how you act, who you are and what you avoid.

If you don’t look at your mind then how are you ever going to grow and develop to being truly happy?

You are stuck in lull of depression keeping you in bed when you should be up. By not looking at the depression you end up not even knowing why you are in bed, why you feel the way you do, and so find it much harder to change.

Zoella highlights that just because someone is at the height of popularity, this doesn’t mean that their life is perfect. It is just one part of their life that appears perfect. Looking at all parts of your life means that you can be firing on all cylinders and not bound within your emotions and negative thoughts.

There may be no rhyme or reason when you think about the way you act. However that same emotional energy is compelling enough to distance yourself from certain situations.

Such as for Zoe, going and meeting royalty is something that she felt honoured and excited to do, yet felt compelled not to.

This illustrates that many feel able to look after certain aspects of their life but find it difficult to overcome the more emotionally charged and perceived dangerous parts.

Seeing a therapist and working through these difficulties can lead to a more fulfilled and happier life.

Imagine living in a way where you do not have to dance around fear and anxiety.

Sounds good right?

Thank you, Zoe, for highlighting the difficulties that you face in your life. By highlighting your difficulties I am sure that others will feel able to seek out help themselves.

Philip Karahassan

Therapy in London