Lying – Why Do You Do It

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If you’re not careful, lying can become a part of your life and identity. It can then become easier to tell a lie rather than the truth.

Release Street and Pressure

The reason you lie is that, in short-term, it releases stress and pressure so that you don’t have to live in a stress filled reality.

In one respect it can help you to manage stress and negative emotions. In actuality it’s just delaying you feeling these in the short term, but not helping you to get rid of them so they will just come up repeatedly until you sort them out.

Look Good

The second reason you lie, is that you’re trying to make yourself look a certain way to others.

You may want to be seen as cool or not judged for not being good enough.

By lying you gain the praise of doing what you’re lying about, but really you have not actually gone out and done it. In fact by gaining the validation of doing something that you haven’t done it stops you from trying the new things you lied about doing.

Normal Response

The third reason is it has become a normal response in your life. If you get used to lying then it becomes a default response.

Avoid Punishment

The forth reason you lie is to avoid punishment.

You don’t want to be blamed for doing something wrong or that you made a mistake. However, just like the first reason you are delaying the stress of making a mistake for longer.

If you get found out you will not only be blamed for making the error but also lying, breaking the trust and casting a shadow on your character.

Lying leads to living in a false reality, which you are desperate to live in but no one else shares.

The fact that you are lying means that you want to live a different life to be happy.  Let’s work towards that happier life.

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