Why I am I Addicted?

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What is it about an action, substance or event that keeps us addicted?

Some can interact with drugs or an action and not get addicted, but for some of us that’s not the case.

The drugs or action become too much and we become enraptured with it. It is too engrossing. We think about it all the time. It takes hold of us. You have to take the first step towards your addiction treatment to get your life back.

Let’s take alcohol for example.

We may drink with friends, to begin with or at special occasions, but for some of us something happens, we start needing it to be happy, start making excuses to have a ‘swift drink’ or a ‘treat’ after work. This then turns into 3 or 4 drinks every night after work, if not more. At this point we no longer need to make excuses to pop to the pub, It becomes a part of our life and our identity.

When we feel really energized, we experience more motivation to do everything and to do everything better . . . to become the go-getter at work with all the accolades, promotions, and more money, to reach the top of your class at school, and even simple everyday stuff like making the best meals for your family, keep a cleaner house, exercise more, play more—just do more, period.


What is behind the addiction?

The past plays a part in how we live our lives. Life events such as the way we were talked to by our parents, being bullied at school or a bereavement, shape how we live in the world.

The use of our addiction allows us to hide from the pain of the past. It is a coping strategy that helps us in one regard but hinders us in another.

Our addictions start having an impact. There is a change in our personality which can lead to us having fights with friends, being left by a partner or missing work because we feel too hungover.

This is when things start changing. It becomes detrimental to our lives which, in turn, exacerbates the symptoms and the need for a drink or any other addiction.

It quells our negative emotions instead of dealing with them head-on.

Imagine for a moment not having to run from the pain that alcohol masks so well. A life without the need for that drink. A life where you don’t have to run from those negative emotions, you don’t have to keep quelling the emotions and thoughts that are hanging over you.

Let’s start addressing what’s behind the addiction, then maybe you won’t need that swift pint or 5 after work every day.

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Philip Karahassan

Therapy in London