Are you Drinking Too Much?

We all drink for any number of reasons. However, what is the motive behind your drinking? This week I want to help you to understand why you drink and stop it from being used in an unhealthy way. Therapy in London

Alcohol is a common part of life for many. Drinking is a popular social activity and a well-known way to meet and connect with others.

So, why do you feel the need to drink?


Alcohol can give the illusion of an emotionally safe space where you can press pause on your problems and difficult emotions. However, what is pressing pause and halting your problems achieving and is it really doing you any good?

And once the alcohol wears off – then what? You will not only have to face your problems, you’ll also have to do it with a hangover. Then, with the hangover comes a feeling of overwhelment which means you wanting another drink to ease the pressure.

Delayed Emotions

All this is doing is delaying facing your hard-to-deal-with feelings and keeping you locked in the same pattern of behaviour.

If this sounds familiar to you, I would like to propose something different – instead of drinking to numb your emotions, face them head-on.

Yes, this is difficult at first, but making a start to actually deal with what is going on in your life will allow you to resolve whatever you are using alcohol to distance yourself from.

Move Forward

Alcohol can make you feel relaxed and carefree, but in reality, this is stopping you from moving forward in your life with purpose.

So, think about why you drink. Is it just to enhance your night out, or is it a more substantial part of your life?

Once you are able to accept the reason behind your drinking, face those emotions that you are trying to cover up and then you will be able to move forward in your life with a more positive outlook.


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