Why Do I Daydream?

Find out how you can use daydreams to know what you want and plan for a happier future. – Therapy in London

As humans, we are the only animals that have the ability to think and plan into the distant future.

We are able to plan our development and gain somewhat control of our surroundings.

This is a very useful tool, but surprisingly few of us are able to use this – and this is because you might not actually know what you want in life. So how can you plan for it?

Do you know what success looks like?

What is success to you? Most of you probably won’t know where to start, therefore you don’t know what will make you truly happy. And if you don’t know, then it’s easy to think that being successful is unobtainable.

You still daydream though, and no matter how feasible your daydreams might be, you don’t know how to actually make them a reality.

Not only this, but daydreaming creates space between certain situations and emotions that would take you forward in improving your life.

Essentially, you’re convincing yourself that you are happy with the status quo because it means not having to take action or control over change.

However, you can get lost in the safe space of your imagination away from your emotions. People talk about what they want to do but never what they have done.

How often do you see on social media people saying what they want to do, like diet or exercise but never follow through with it? You can see #goals daily, but how many of those people are actioning those #goals.

Why not take action?

It can be scary to step outside of your thoughts and plans and actually start something as;

  1. You will have to do hard and time-consuming work
  2. You might fail
  3. You might be judged for what you want and for your said failure

But, if you just dream and talk about your plans, you’re getting the felt validation for achieving something without actually having to do it.

Daydreaming is a useful resource to think and plan what you want to do in life, but if you get lost within it you can end up constantly planning and dreaming and never actually doing anything about it.

This is the first in a series on the positives and negatives that come with daydreaming. So find out how to use your daydreams in order to aid your life these next few weeks.

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