Why Are You Acting Different?

Most of you have been in a situation where you find yourself acting differently around certain people – so do you have multiple personalities? It’s more common than you think and I’m going to go through the reasons why you do this.

You probably get frustrated with yourself when you end up being someone different to your usual self; you probably feel disingenuous and unauthentic.

Why and when?

  • Firstly, you simply want to be liked, and you are going to adjust your personality in any way possible to make this happen.
  • Secondly, you might not think that you’re good enough to be around certain people. So, ask yourself why might think you’re not good enough? And why do you need to change yourself?
  • Lastly, are the people you’re around expecting something different from you?

The other you

The next question is why do you need to be someone that you are not?

If you are not being your true self, then you are being a false version of yourself, and ask yourself why you do this?

Who are you really?

It can be very confusing for you acting differently each time, so get yourself back on track and ask yourself; who do you want to be? And who are you really?

This can be a tough question to answer if you have been doing this for so long, but how are you most comfortable? What are you happiest to talk about and what do you genuinely enjoy doing?

Looking forward

The ‘false’ versions of yourself may be a look into the person you want to grow into. So these are great paving stones towards you being the person you really want to be.

Once you have realised your true self and begin to be more authentic around others, you will find that people will start to change around you, or adapt to your behaviour, rahter than you having to change around them.


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