Why Am I Overeating?



How often do you feel overfull after eating? We all sometimes go to a restaurant and order too much or cook too much and keep eating until it’s all gone.


You might have a sweet tooth and can eat an entire bar of chocolate rather than the two or 3 squares.

We have to eat, but what do we gain from eating too much, or the wrong things, even though we know we will feel guilty.


Filling a void


When you have eaten a huge meal; way more than you were expecting to eat, you may look at yourself in the mirror and feel upset and worried about gaining weight.


What is that feeling giving you? Feeling overfull can be satisfying, it is something that you know too well and can be comforting and safe.

You don’t need to think about anything else in that moment, you can focus on resting as you ‘couldn’t possibly do anything else while I feel this full!’

What detriment?


That comfort may be allowing you to distance yourself from your problems; almost like an addiction().


In that moment you are focusing on the positive feelings surrounding food. Whether that be ordering from your favourite takeaway or cooking up a feast. Then, after eating you rest enjoy that satisfied feeling. It is then easier to distance yourself from problems that may be too hard to bear at that present time.

Overeating gives you distance from other areas of your life that you might not be happy about.


How to Change


Think about your relationship to food.


What is that overeating feeling giving you? What is it allowing you to distance yourself or hide from?

When you are able to realise what you are hiding from, you will then be able to start looking at ways to deal with any issues that are unrelated to overeating.


Thus also eliminating the need to overeat and hide away.


Is there another way for you to feel secure without overeating?