Why am I Emotional?

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Our emotions are ever present in our lives. One moment we can be happy and the next, waves of sadness, anxiety or fear can come over us.

We are taught to run from our more difficult negative emotions (as discussed in the the blog on anger and rage). We are expected to be happy and content all the time but this is not realistic.

Circumstances arise which evoke different emotions, if we don’t feel and deal with the ‘negative’ emotions we would never try anything new or have any hopes or dreams for the future.

Negative Emotions

The perceived, ‘Negative’ emotions are important as they help regulate us, keep us safe, show when something isn’t right and motivating us to change something.

Do you ever get angry at someone for stopping in the street suddenly or driving erratically? This is our response to the unexpected or dangerous behaviour in our lives. The anger or rage we feel is keeping us safe from a perceived imminent threat to our safety.

The same can be said for other such emotions. Sadness, depression, anger, they are telling us something is wrong and something needs changing. However when those feelings come up we instantly try and distance ourselves from them, burying them inside of us so that we don’t feel them and so that others don’t see them. We don’t want to be labeled as ‘that angry person’, or someone who is always miserable however, those buried emotions are differed onto other circumstances and impact the decisions we make, shaping our identity.

If we start to listen and deal with those untouchable emotions, they will occur less and less. Sort out those issues that you have been putting off or are too scary to deal with. You can start to diminish the impact of  those untouchable emotions are having on your life.

If we do not deal with those emotions, we don’t know what’s wrong, so how would we ever fix it?

Start looking at those emotions buried in you, so you can change your life. You can learn to use those emotions rather that running from them. They are trying to tell us something. Listen to what they are saying.

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