Stop Holding Back

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A lot of the time people identify themselves by certain items or interests, but is that who you are now?

You can enjoy something, but is that your sole identity?

There is so much more to you that others may not see that you may not even be aware of.

What Do You Do?


You may have the same old friends and interests, and you expect to be that person you once were. But you feel that isn’t enough now. So, how do you break free from this responsibility and identity?


It’s easier to stay still, it’s much harder to change.

Who are you trying to keep happy? Family, friends, or work colleges? What about your happiness and why would their needs outweigh your own?

Who are you?

Life can become so busy that you don’t get time to really reflect on yourself. and try to find why you are acting in this way. . Instead, you keep persevering, hoping eventually you will be happy but that time never comes and you are still doing the things that used to bring your happiness that no longer do.

It can feel silly; why hang out with people that I don’t connect with anymore? The reason is that it is easier. It’s easier to stay still and adhere to other people’s expectations rather than grow and adapt as a person.

So, now is the time to wake up and ask yourself, are you happy? Do you want to change and if so, what do you want right now?

Here is a little exercise to help get you started:

1)Firstly, think back to who you were.

2)Then, think forward to who would you like to be?

3) And lastly, who are you now?

If the first and second part match, then you must be happy. If they don’t it’s time to plan. How are you going to achieve becoming the person you want to be so that you can look forward and be excited for the next chapter of your life? And what do you need to do to make that happen.


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