Use Your Feelings

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This week I would like to discuss negative feelings and emotion.

When people find out I am a therapist I am asked ‘How do I get rid of these bad feelings?’ or ‘How do I distance myself from feeling upset, sad and anxious all the time?’

I wish I had a quick fix; I wish I had a pill that I could just give to you and say ‘there you go, have this and you will be happy’.  Instead, you need to understand what your emotions or feelings are trying to tell you whether they be good and bad.

Connect To Your Feelings

To make it a bit easier, think about how you connect to those good feelings. For example when you feel happy something has happened in your life to make you feel that way. You may find some money on the floor or you have gotten some good news.  

In the same respect, sadness, depression and anxiety are felt when something negative has happened to make you feel this way. These feelings are trying to tell you that something bad has happened, something’s not right and needs to change.

Using Your Feelings

These feelings are trying to help you transition through life so that you can feel safe and work towards happiness. It is not realistic to feel happy all the time otherwise you would never change, you would never have new ideas or progress in life. So in a respect, these perceived negative feelings are a good thing as they drive you towards change and self-development.

With this being said, it is so important to listen to both your perceived positive and negative feelings. This will allow you to know what’s right and wrong in your life. They will help you move forward in your life rather than remaining stuck in a situation that does not make you happy.

Remember to listen to your feelings. Rather than try and run away from them, find out what it is that your feelings are trying to tell you; From your heart into your mind.


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