Why I Am Bored? | Understanding Boredom

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I originally brought up boredom in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown and it was a popular topic for many. 

Being bored can be really frustrating, but even when you think that you have exhausted all of your options, there is something that can be done about it.  This is why I wanted to share some steps to stop feeling bored.

It’s all well and good wanting to tackle your boredom, but it’s best to know what your starting point is and where boredom comes from.

It’s something that holds you back from doing anything or trying anything new, as all you can think about is how bored you are and nothing seems to quell it.

This is just the thought of trying, not acting on it, as you’re just so consumed with boredom, you can’t even decide on what to try out!

Boredom is rooted in:

  1. Not gaining validation or happiness from what you are doing
  2. Not knowing what to do to get it
  3. Not feel empowered to figure out what to do

Based on this, when you’re bored that’s your mind telling you that something is wrong, that it is not feeling stimulated and that you need to make a change.

You might even feel that you are doing the same things that you love to do, but now you’re feeling bored – why is that? Again, if your mind isn’t feeling stimulated anymore then a change is needed.

Ask yourself, what would you want to do now?

It could be, instead of watching the same repeats on TV, you can’t find something new to watch. 

Or there are things that you have always wanted to do but could never find the courage to start trying. You convince yourself that you’re going to start and then you hit some kind of wall that tells you to stop and retreat.

This is where anxiety kicks in

When you’re bored and want to do something new, there’s nothing to stop anxiety creeping up on you too, which can be a very unwelcome guest to the party.

Anxiety will tell you not to do that new thing, which is confusing as you’re bored and want to action something, so your mind is telling you two conflicting messages. 

This is where taking the right steps to quell your boredom is the ideal way to stop boredom and also teach your mind that anxiety has no business being around anymore too.

Take a look at my steps to beating boredom here and have an exciting time ahead.

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