Your unconscious


The Unconcious

Unconscious thoughts and feelings have been established throughout life. They are essentially a blueprint of how to navigate in the world with as little fuss and bother as possible.

An example would be waiting at a red light and going at a green light, all without consciously thinking about it. This is going on non-stop in many different situations.


If this didn’t happen then we would have to make fresh decisions constantly.


Green light etiquette

The unconscious is like a shortcut. It tells us how to act automatically. It’s so automatic in fact, that you might not even realise that you have an option to listen to those thoughts and feelings.

Many of my clients have said, ‘That’s just me, that’s who I am’.

But is it really who you are? Or is it something that you can control and change if you so wish?

Yes you can!

The first step is to see those thoughts as what they are, automatic. They are there to help you navigate but, they can get a bit outdated which is why you might feel that you want to do something, yet don’t feel able to do it.

Start to change your automatic process

It sounds quite scary to think that you don’t have complete autonomy over the decisions you make. It’s almost like there is a puppet master pulling the strings.

Think about some of the most common fears or phobias; meeting new people for example. You know that people aren’t dangerous, most are friendly, want to meet and chat, yet you feel scared to talk to anyone in case you are ridiculed, made to look like a fool or make a mistake.

You might think that you can’t help how you feel in this situation when in actuality you have more power than you think! These automatic thoughts are there to keep you safe and help you navigate through life with less effort. However, if they are not working anymore you have the power to change them.

By starting to look further into this you can start to assess how you are living, look at the person you want to be and work out ways that you can reach your goals and dreams.

Your unconscious has done a good job at keeping you safe. However, maybe it’s time to reassess the impact it’s having on life now.


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