Top 5 steps to achieving your goals

It can seem daunting thinking about making a start on your goals. How would you even make a start? What I thought would be helpful is to share my top 5 tips to achieving your goals. Use these tips to begin your journey to a happier more fulfilled life.

1.Know what you want

We all have dreams for the future; either buying a new car, getting on the property ladder or having a family. These are our dreams on the surface, but what is behind that nice car or house? It could be safety or the feeling that all of your hard work has paid off. Think about what is behind the objects you are pining after so that you know what you really want to achieve.

2.Create a map

You have an idea about what your goals are. You want that feeling of safety in your house, but how are you ever going to get enough money to get it? It seems so far away and unattainable; almost scary making a start. Rather than thinking about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, think about smaller, more manageable steps that will start you along the journey. It can be as simple as writing a timetable for the week or looking into that business idea that you have been thinking about for years. Think of it as a map, showing you the path to your success.


3. Time management

How many times have you sat down to work and then put the TV on, checked your phone or logged onto Facebook just to check what’s going on. Then the next thing you know an hour has gone by and you are hungry, so you eat something. Then you feel tired so are not in the right mindset to work.
By setting a timetable it will help you stick to what you need to do. Something that has helped me is to think about what my goals for the day are and to set a time to achieve each one, ticking them off my list.


4.Diet and rest

Be driven, tenacious and passionate but remember that you have to rest. Working non stop for 8 hours might seem like you are working hard and I am sure you are, but how productive have you been in the last 2 hours? By taking a break and fueling yourself (having something to eat and drink) we give ourselves the space to rest which helps us achieve our maximum potential.


5. Have fun

Do you enjoy working on your project? Let’s be honest, you will never stick at anything if you don’t enjoy it. In the back of your mind you will always be thinking about taking a break or doing something else andaking excuses as to why you should stop and watch TV. However if you enjoy what you are doing, working will never be, well, work.


Philip Karahassan


Therapy in London