This is what your dreams actually mean

Many people tend to ask what their dreams mean, or even more so if they have nightmares how can they get rid of them. In this article however I explain why you should use your dreams to aid your real life – whether they’re good or bad!

I’ve had quite a few people in the past comment on trying to understand nightmares and what their dreams mean.

What they also ask about it how to stop these dreams, but as it isn’t as simple as stopping those dreams, I’m going to explain what your dreams actually mean and why you show use them to your advantage in your real life.

So, this is where I’m going to help you to understand your dreams – they are a very important part of our lives (our real lives!) and this is because they send a very strong message about what is going on your awake life.

Once you take this on board, they can very much help steer you in a very positive direction – whether the dreams be good or bad.

1. What’s happening in the dream?

Most dreams don’t make much sense at face value, but really break down what is happening in the dream. Not only this, but also where are you, who are you with and even who are you?

2. How do you feel in the dream?

The emotions you feel in the dream are just as important. Even if you find it difficult to think back to your nightmares, try and narrow down are you scared or angry or even confused?

3. Now compare the dream to your real life?

Are you falling and never caught? This could be because you feel a lack of support say, by your co-workers for example. 

So, take your dream, try and feel that emotion again and when you do that what does it remind you of in your real life? Once you action what the dream is relating to, you’ll find the dream dissipate.

Dreaming is always there as a way to greater understand how you are feeling at the time, whether you know you are feeling that emotion or not.

So remember that rather than focusing on the surreal and supposedly random content of the dream, instead focus on the emotion message and use it to take control of your life!


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