Psychotherapy linked to helping dental anxiety

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A recent study has found that Psychotherapy and counselling have been linked to helping with dental anxiety.

The British Dental Journal has recently published a study (conducted by Kings College London) promoting talking therapies and CBT to combat anxiety in regards to visiting the dentist.

Diffuse Emotions

This is a clear demonstration of how our thoughts and feelings concerning anxiety can be diffused with psychotherapy.

Conceptualising and talking through our fears (the emotions and thoughts that confound them), show a marked improvement. Therapy them helps to diminish the emotional response felt towards previous anxiety-provoking situations. In the case of the study, after having therapy, four-fifths (79%) went on to have dental treatment, without the need for sedation.  Similar results are found from confronting (and rehabilitation in) many other phobias and fears.

A course of psychotherapy may help you to be free of your cognitive and emotional limitations.

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