An Introduction : In what way does technology affect our lives?

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Technology is a huge and for many, integral part of our lives. Many of us use technology and the internet in both our work lives (Emailing and researching), pleasure (gaming, watching movies), socialising (social media), even in looking for love (dating websites and apps), That’s without going into the more underground aspects of the use of technology (gambling,  pornography).

We can see then that within the last 10 years technology has integrated itself into our lives so fully that ironically, the easiest way for me to get my views across on the subject is in fact to use the internet.

It has come to my attention that recently there has been some media focus on Internet and technology addiction (For example).

Easier Access

With the influx of cheaper smart-phones; from Apple and Samsung to name a few, we can not only been contacted wherever we are but have the internet in our pockets  24 hours a day in full HD glory.

I am currently an addictions counsellor and with my interest in digital life.

My limited research has uncovered many people who feel lost without their phones, one person stating they ‘Felt trapped without their smart-phone.’

I have found is that many people did not see it as a problem, everyone use technology in the same way.

It seems then that if everyone is using it why shouldn’, I?

In fact if one opts out of using technology as prevalently as their neighbour are they at a disadvantage?

Constant Checking

This is another theme that seems to spark the constant checking of social media sites and emails.  Speaking from personal experience my inability to access my email has led to missed work opportunities.

Now I am not looking at damming the use of technology or the internet, far from it.  I fear many of us do not realise the full extent technology grips our lives. By bringing it to our attention will invite us to reflect on our relationship with technology. Helping us to control it, rather than it controlled by it.

Philip Karahassan