Start Taking Risks

How often do you take risks in life? When I say risk I don’t mean doing something dangerous but rather, simply trying something new. Anything from trying a new flavour of ice cream to applying for a new job.

Society teaches you to stay safe and be comfortable with what you know. Doing something different would mean taking a risk which might not work out, making you feel sad and dejected. Yet by not taking a risk you stay in the same position and never move forward in your life.


Now don’t get me wrong, taking a risk it doesn’t mean you have to give up on everything and start again. It’s great to have parts of your life which you enjoy and provide a foundation to feeling safe and allowing you to grow, but when there are parts of your life that no longer make you happy it’s time to take a risk. Try something new and change parts of your life so that you can be genuinely happy.

Why taking a risk is so hard

The reason that you find it so hard to change, or why you haven’t taken that risk is because a part of you doesn’t want to change. That part just wants to be comfortable and safe which it relates to as being happy. But, if you feel stuck and want something new, how happy are you really?

These two sides, one that wants change and one that doesn’t, are always fighting, always trying to get you to pick their point of view., almost like the angel and devil in Tom and Jerry.

How to start to take risks

It is usually the safe side that wins, as it is the side you have always been told to act on and trust. So in order to start changing this, you need to start taking small risks to strengthen the side which manages the tension and start to trust that point of view.

Change a part of your life which has no direct consequences; like trying a new flavour of ice cream. The more you try and take risks, the easier it will become and soon you will be looking to take larger risks and giving you a fresh perspective and new outlook on life.

What Would You Change?

What I want to leave you with is a question: What would you change in your life if you could? For example, you could begin the first steps towards a new career or starting a new hobby. And with those changes being made how would you hope that your life would be better?

Remember, before you start making big changes try taking some smaller ones first so that the bigger risks start to look exciting, rather than daunting.

You have the opportunity to live your dreams but in order to do that, you have to take some risks to reach them.

Let’s start right now.

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