This is how gaming can be a useful skill!

For the past few weeks, I have been going through the ins and outs of playing video games.

Now so far I have mentioned the negative impact that playing incessant video games can have on your day to day life, but this time I want to share the positive attributes of playing. And yes there are some… 

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Do you trust yourself? You should – and here’s how

Trust is a key part of not only having confidence but also general success and being happy. If you don’t have trust in yourself and in others, it can be pretty difficult to find success.

If you want to start gaining more trust, then I would like to offer my three steps to doing so.

As part of my series on confidence, the last part of this is trusting yourself.

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Want more self-esteem? Use this (very easy) technique

Self esteem and confidence go hand-in-hand, so I would like to offer a very simple technique to improve on both.

The foundations of confidence is having the self esteem to know that you are good enough to try anything and that others’ opinion is just that, an opinion that you can overrule.

Without this self-esteem, it can make it much harder to bounce back and actually try something new when you are criticised or even questioned.

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This is How to Change Your Habits

Do you have a habit that you would like to kick? Many of us do, but you might not know that some of these habits can actually fuel you to living a much more rewarding life. 

This might sound impossible, but I am going to share five steps that you can take to stopping your bad habits, and creating new ones to do nothing but help you.

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Why Are You Attracting Toxic People?

I recently had someone reach out who was questioning why they seemed to constantly get involved with toxic people.

They commented that they always seemed to be around these types of people, even though they will cause this person a lot of anxiety. 

This is more common that you may think and so, I want to make this simple with my four reasons why you do this. 

With these four reasons, you should come to an understanding as to why you find yourself around toxic people, and how to stop attracting them.

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Are you Prioritising Yourself?

Prioritisation is a common problem you likely have on a regular basis. Where do you start? And what do you even start with?

It is very important to prioritise your life and I want to explain why you should be doing this and what aspects of your life you should consider putting in line.

Previously I have spoken about creating time, but this steers back to prioritisation again, so here is how to get through your day in the most constructive way.

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Making the Same Mistakes Repeatedly? Here’s Why

Are you finding yourself in a bit of a circle? Making mistakes and not learning from them, but instead, repeating them over and over again?

This is a very common problem, there is a reason for it and there is a way to stop you continuing down this ever long spiral.

Reason one is hope

It’s not a bad thing to be hopeful, but in this instance, you are repeating yourself because you feel that at some point it will eventually all work out.

Keep the hope that things will work out, but adjust your actions depending on what went wrong, if you keep the faith with a more open mind, you are far more likely to succeed.

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