Stop Stress Ruining Your Life

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Feeling pressure and anxiety can stop you from feeling able to try or do anything.

This can then make everything seem unmanageable and unachievable.

This week I want to share my five steps to stop stress from ruining your life.


Step one is to take your time.

You may think you have to do everything to feel good and relieve the pressure of trying.

Slow down, know that you need to put time in to ensure you do your best.

Rather than expecting yourself to do everything right away, try to do one task a day. You might think that’s not enough, but it makes thinking about and doing them everything manageable.

Step two and three is to stop seeing failure as bad and learn from your mistakes.

And don’t worry about getting it wrong as this means that you are finding ways that don’t work.

Learning from your mistakes will get you on the right path to finding ways that do work.

Step four is to enjoy the process.

Instead of being pressured and being scared to try, start enjoying your day to day tasks, because if you don’t you will feel stressed, bored and never stick to your tasks or reach your goals.

Step five is to try try try again.

Know that you might feel dejected and pressured now and again but know that you can get back into the groove by following the above steps and start your journey today.

It might take a few goes but know that you can do it!

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