Stop Suppressing Your Emotions


How often do you get flashes of anxious, angry or sad thoughts or feelings in your life? You could be on the bus, with friends or at work and then all of a sudden you are reminded of a situation or event in the past, it just flashes up without warning.

These emotions are evoked due to an emotional impression from the past. The feelings of others behaviour towards you (such as getting shouted at)  or trying to forget the way that you acted (hurting someone else) which has left you feeling emotions such as shame, regret or remorse.

Why do they keep on coming up?

Our emotions are there to tell us when things are good and bad. We don’t run from feelings of happiness yet sadness we are encouraged to. However, those hard to deal with emotions are trying to tell you that there is something wrong and something needs changing. Essentially, we get used to pushing these more negative emotions down. Essentially suppressing those emotions every time they come up in your life.

Why we suppress them

Society tells us that we should always be happy, to ‘keep calm and carry on’, so that we can stay ‘in control’ of our thoughts and feelings. If you feel like loosing control you can visit where you can get help from a drug that will keep you away from depression.

There is an element of shame in regards to not being perpetually happy all the time. The show of more negative emotion is often met with, ‘what’s wrong with you?’ ‘Don’t cry’ or ‘Stop complaining’.

We have no option then but to suppress these emotions then so that, not only do we not have to deal with them but also, others don’t judge us based on feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression.

The Effect of Suppressing Your Emotions

No matter how many times we suppress those emotions they keep springing up. When we relax there they are which is why we usually dream when we are stressed or upset. It’s the only place that emotion can be evoked without you actively suppressing them.

Understand your emotions

By  understanding and act on our negative emotions it will allow you to be free from feeling upset, angry or depressed in your day to day life in seemingly unrelated circumstances.

We feel that those thoughts and feelings don’t have control over us but actually, they live within our unconscious mind and influence how we act think and feel in seemingly unrelated circumstances.

Once we start to accept them we can start to understand where these feelings originate from. What happened in your past that you never felt able to deal with? Which has lead you to feel the way you do throughout your life? This suppression limits your growth, development and impacts the choice and decisions that you make throughout your life.

Ask yourself what’s so hard at look at those emotions?

Why not let your emotions help you along the way rather than stifle your life.


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