Why Do I Feel Jealous?

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Jealousy is a response to something that you want but don’t feel able to achieve.

Underlying that feeling of jealousy is frustration and anger for not having what others do have. It is seen within our society as wrong to act on these emotions, so we are taught to run from ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ feelings.


Stop Feeling Angry

Therefore instead of feeling angry and frustrated, you feel jealous. Jealousy creates a story in your mind to make you feel better, such as ‘I bet their parents are rich and that’s how they can afford that sports car.’ Or, ‘I bet all they do is spend time in the gym and don’t have a life.’ Does this sound familiar?

You do this to feel better and more in control, but it’s actually doing the opposite. It’s holding you back from going out and getting what you want.

I would like to offer you an alternative. Rather than judging others to make yourself feel better, disregard those jealous feelings and instead, embrace the frustration, anger, and sadness.


You may think the jealousy is giving you an element of control when in actuality that person who has realised their dreams, doesn’t care or hasn’t even acknowledged what you think. They are too busy living out their dreams and working towards a better future for themselves.

So stop trying to defuse the anger, tension, and disappointment with jealousy. Use these emotions to push you forward rather than hold you back from being the person you want to be.


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