How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

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I’m asked by so many people how to stick to their New Years resolutions. And the answer is actually simpler than you think.



The first step is to make your new year resolutions a priority. You do this by making the resolution a new habit or part of your regular routine. This means making sure you follow through with it rather than prioritising what other people want, or choosing to do something you know you shouldn’t be doing ahead of those more important tasks.

Long Term Reward

This leads to the second step, which is to focus on the long-term reward.

Don’t focus on the short-term gain, for example, rather than eating a chocolate cake, focus on the long-term reward of getting your dream body, running that marathon and being happier in your own skin.

Plan Your Future

The third step is to plan your future. Plan what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and most importantly, always remind yourself why you are doing it.

With a plan can map out your end goal, meaning you’re more likely to achieve your dreams. Without a plan, you can get sidetracked and end up in the same place you were last year, and the year before that.

Enjoy The Ride

Step four is enjoy your resolutions. If you are not having fun evaluate if this resolution is what you really want.
You need to make sure you’re having fun acting on your goals, otherwise you will never stick with it.
As an example, eating healthy doesn’t taste as good as eating a chocolate cake or a pizza, but look up some recipes to find something you like, this way you won’t always feel at a loss because you can’t eat what you want.

Remember that your New Years resolutions are meant to help you to live a happier life, so make sure you prioritise what you want to achieve rather than what you want in the short term. And most importantly remember to enjoy doing them!

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