Why Am I Never Happy?

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Happiness is a part of life that you have been told is normal. You want to just be happy all the time and if you don’t feel happy, then that’s a bad thing.

If you tell anyone you are anything but happy, you are told to just forget about your worries as it is just getting in the way.


Let’s think about this now, if you were really really hungry, would you be happy?

If someone told you to not feel hungry; to just forget about it and be happy, what would you say?

It sounds ridiculous because it is.

Hunger is trying to tell you that you have low energy and you need to eat to help maintain yourself.

Now I use hunger because you, just like everyone, are allowed to feel hungry and to act on it.


You can’t just stop being sad, just like you can’t stop feeling hungry, but it’s all the same. Sadness, depression, anxiety, tension or stress are all there shouting and screaming for you to pay attention to them.

They are trying to get you to act to change a part of your life so that you can sort something out, get something done and move forward.

Happiness is the end result of achieving something, making something or being stress-free.

There is no shortcut or quick fix to feeling happy, so you must understand and use those harder-to-deal-with emotions.

What was I scared of?

Once you get used to getting those tasks done you will look back and think, ‘What was I scared of? Why didn’t I just do it? Because now I can live my life without that negativity hanging over my head?’

And do you know what will follow? Not numbness, stress or anxiety from procrastination, but actual happiness.

What I want to leave you with is that life sometimes gets in the way of you being happy.

So, if you don’t act on those harder to deal with emotions, you will never be able to be genuinely happy.

What do you need to fix in your life? Then make a start and go and do it.


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