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Here’s How to Turn Your Daydreams into Reality

So far, we’ve found that daydreaming is good for thinking and planning out what you want to do in an emotionally safe and controlled way – so here’s how to turn that imagination into reality.
Daydreaming can create bad habits because it can cause you to get stuck in a constant loop of dreaming rather than actioning.
This can mean that you never feel able or willing to actually try anything as it might not work out how you dreamed it would. You then convince yourself that daydreaming about something is enough for you – so you don’t try.

How Do Dreams Work?

We all need to sleep. Sleeping helps your body and your brain to repair itself; waking up refreshed, and ready to live life to following day. When your brain is repairing itself it goes through memories of past events and all the feelings that you have felt over the past couple of hours, days or […]

How to help a friend with their mental health issues

Talking about mental health can be anxiety provoking. Especially when someone else’s mental health is in question. You might feel like you should be there for them, but don’t know where to start or how to approach the subject.

Discuss Your Mental Health

It can feel impossible to talk to a loved one when you’re feeling sad, upset or depressed. When it comes to mental health you may feel that you should be able to cope by yourself. If you hurt your back, broke your arm or sprained your wrist, you wouldn’t hesitate to tell others that you […]