Shake off Depression

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Depression can feel inescapable and you might not even know why you feel depressed but there is a way out.

In this week’s blog, I want to share with you four tips to shake off depression forever.

The reason why you feel depressed is that you think there is no way to be happy. It feel like your negative feelings are too big and therefore feel unshakeable.

Step 1. Start listening to those hard to deal with feelings.

This is easier said than done as you have never been taught how to deal with those more difficult emotions, such as sadness, frustration and anger.

These feelings need listening to, however – and once you listen to them, you can get rid of depression from your life.

Step 2. Take every experience as it comes.

The thing about depression is that until you have sorted out your feelings surrounding it, it won’t allow you to feel happy.

Almost like there is a lion in the room with you and until you somehow escape the lion, you can’t relax.

By taking each situation and event as it comes you will feel able to understand that depression doesn’t have to cloud your life.


Exercise gives you brain some space away from the depression. Helping you to take control of another part of your life at the same time.

This is one of the reasons why exercise has been linked to the treatment of depression.

Step 3. The last step is to make a change.

It’s difficult enough to feel motivated to do anything when you feel depressed.

By doing nothing the depression will grow and grow until it feels easier to be depressed than to start sorting out what is wrong in your life.

Add to that the fact that you are not really sure what is wrong, and it’s not surprising that you would rather go to sleep than talk to people and get out of the house.

Learn from the above steps and know that you have what it takes.  Understand what you are depressed about.and use those feelings to grow. Start to create the life you have always dreamt of.

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