Self-Isolating With Family? Come Out the Other Side Smiling | Coronavirus Update

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There has been a lot written when it comes to people self-isolating alone, but what I want to bring up this week is those who might have to self-isolate with their partners and even entire families. 

I’ve been hearing about a lot of concern and pressure from being in such close proximity to your loved ones. And no matter how many years you have been married or how old your children are, there will still be some kind of strain on relationships. 

It is more important than ever that if you feel stuck, yet feeling like you can’t take a moment to yourself, know that they are not alone and you can make the best of this testing situation.

Time together

It’s important to make the best of this time together. Create structure and routine around the home so that no one in your household feels lost or out of control. 

Even consider penciling-in game nights and meals together. This will create a more streamline home that should avoid (some) clashing of heads. 

Space away

Along with creating bonding time, remember that everyone needs their own space. You have all had your own lives, your own habits and routines, and a lot of these have likely been taken away right now. So, give each other and ensure you get the space you need. 

Whether this is a lie-in morning, a work out, or some quiet reading time, this space will do the world of good to you and all of your relationships.

No expectations

Just because both of you are home, remember to communicate what you would like from each other when it comes to schooling the kids or making meals. 

Setting expectations for others in your home will just end in ultimate disappointment. This is why constant talking and communicating will mean there are no expectations set to be quashed.

New relationships

This doesn’t mean making new virtual friends, this includes growing together. There is always something new to learn about your friends and family, and as you all can’t leave the house, now is the ideal time to find out.

External relationships

It’s easy to forget that the nation (even the world) are in the same boat as you. And there is nothing stopping you from reaching out and keeping other relationships alive.

Many are arranging virtual brunches with friends and online pub quizzes have blown up these last few weeks.

We may all be isolated, but that is not to stop us talking, nurturing relationships and utilising this time with close-ones to grow and develop whilst experiencing this rare pandemic together.

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