Sad At Christmas?

sad at christmas - therapy in london

During the Christmas period you are expected to be excited, content and overall happy. You speak to friends or look at your social media feed and everyone looks like they are having a great time – and you may be thinking why do I feel so tired? Why am I not having as good a time as everyone else?


What’s not discussed is that Christmas is a very stressful time of year. Did you know that during Christmas, more relationships end than any other time of year?

You might have work and family commitments, have gone into your overdraft or well into your credit card. You might have eaten and drunk too much, or not gotten enough sleep.  Generally feeling overstretched, yet you’re still expected to be happy consistently.

The Reason

The reason you find yourself in this position every year is that you are catering for others needs before your own, and at the same time trying to relive the Christmas of your past; when you could eat what you want and not feel guilty, get all the presents you wanted and had no responsibility.

In order for you to enjoy Christmas, you need to start creating a new way to relate to it. Enjoy the memories from the past for what they are – great memories. Stop pressuring yourself to recreate something which is unachievable and start putting your needs further up on your list of priorities.

Acknowledge that this is a stressful time but make sure that you stay physically, mentally and emotionally safe.

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