Ratched Reaction | Therapist Reacts

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*Ratched spoilers ahead*

You would think that a fantasised visualisation of an obsolete insane asylum is something a counsellor would shy away from. 

As a mental health professional, it is my job to offer the truth about what mental illness is like and how we can manage it. That means looking at what we do, why we do it, and how we can grow from those actions – essentially looking to a more positive future. But the past can be just as useful to you if you use it in the right way.

I, just like most Netflix subscribers the past few months, had gotten hooked on Ratched.

Not just because I went in already a Ryan Murphy ‘Hollywood ’ fan, but because I was fascinated by what an asylum was and what a lot of aspects of mental health are seen as today reflected in this 8 episode series.

Consider how even the most minor of issues would be a cause to be locked up. Even the most basic human rights weren’t legalised at that point and were seen as the ideal specimen to ‘cure’ through lobotomy.    

This is all difficult to hear and take in – the concept that there was a time where basic LGBTQNB+ rights were non-existent and the thought of a female doctor was laughable. We can only continue to learn from the past, however. And having it shown in this no-holds-barred way for you to learn from, means continued growth for our mental health and how we see others in today’s society. 

When delving into this show I couldn’t help but see parallels in how we act and react still, even within this outdated society depicted.

With this, I wanted to pick out some select scenes, react to them, and give my two cents on how mental health is reflected in them.