Quick Tips to Motivate Yourself | BUT vs AND

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Motivation is something that we all want. Sometimes though, you can start on the right path and then something gets in the way, and you lose it. 

How many half-finished projects are there in your life? 

This is why I want to keep that word ‘motivation’ fresh in your mind. It’s easy to forget about if you’re used to starting things and never finishing them, or not even wanting to begin in the first place. 

There’s just a few tips that you can keep up whenever you want to ensure a boost of motivation.

Make it easy 

Even if something seems tedious and hard, once you break it down into bite size pieces, it’s much easier to handle. Even if you did that task and broke it down to 5 parts over a week, that’s more progress to finishing than you even did when you looked at the project as a big, intimidating chore!

Stop excuses!

You don’t have the option to stop until it’s done. If your plan is good enough, then you will know the steps to get you to the finish line. Keep your mind focussed and on point. 

Know the difference between BUT and AND

You need both of these words, however when you start using BUT when you should be using AND, then you are just making excuses! So, whenever you find yourself thinking:

‘I should run that errand but it could wait until tomorrow’, replace BUT with AND, and see what happens. 

‘I should run that errand and I should, as it’s been delayed for a week.’

BUT stops you, as it’s giving a reason why you can’t. AND encourages your forward. I talk about this more in a video below to help conquer this step.


Build a story about how you are going to achieve. Build in points where you can look back at what you have achieved whilst also keeping your eye on the prize at the end of it.

Find the fun

Our brains are built to seek pleasure. If you are not having fun, your brain will look for something else. Some boring tasks might feel like a lost cause for fun, but even doing your accounts can even be a game of ‘Guess to nearest ten how much I spent on expenses this month’. And getting another person involved can make things seem a whole lot more interesting.

This is now your formula for staying motivated!

Find out more on motivation in our guide to motivation here.

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