Quick Tips to be Happy

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Everyone’s happiness is individual, and nothing should be more important than your own happiness.

What will make you happy? Some say, ‘money.’

 ‘If I were rich I would be happy and all my problems would be gone.’


I would respond with, ‘what would you do with your money?’

‘Buy a huge house!’ – they may say

‘Why would you buy a house?’

‘Well, I would have somewhere to live, I wouldn’t need to pay rent, I would have enough money to pay the bills, and still buy everything I want.’

It seems then, it is not the money then that would bring you happiness, but rather the luxury and safety that the money would bring.

So in this instance, you would have the safety of not having to pay rent, whilst also having the luxury of being able to afford whatever you want, and without having to worry about money for bills.

If we focus on the money then we are masking what would actually make us happy. Without knowing the root cause of our happiness, how would we ever work towards getting to it?

Think to yourself, if you had all the money in the world, what would you do? How would you feel? Because this might be the answer to what will really bring you ultimate happiness.

Take control of your happiness and take control of your life so you don’t need to win the lottery to be happy.

The first step to happiness is finding what you really want.

Then we can work out how to get there.

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