Why am I Overwhelmed?


It’s daunting looking into the distance and thinking ‘how am i going to reach my dreams’. You may have thoughts of inadequacy or fear.

You may ask yourself, can I do this? Am I ready? Am I good enough?

In order to break feelings of dread, fear and perceived inadequacy you say to yourself for example: I’ll do it later, I am too busy at the moment or there is plenty of time to do it.

So you distance yourself from those feelings by getting back to your day, which then brings short term relief from the frustration of feeling stunted in achieving your dreams.

Is feeling overwhelmed stopping you from trying?

I am not here to tell you a fairy tale about how everything is going to be ok. It is going to be hard and it’s normal to think from time to time ‘can I really do this?’
Think about what is stopping you, write them down, conceptualise, understand and answer those fears.

What will make it less scary? How will you get good enough? Maybe, to get more time you need to reevaluate how you spend your free time.

From Emotional to Cognitive

This is the first step in planning how you are going to reach your goals.

Start by understanding what is holding you back emotionally.

Next is to answer the question of how you are going to conquer your emotionally lead, perceived barriers before working out the more cognitive logistic barriers.

Plan, how to open a rehab center, whether that be marketing, production, or anything else that needs to be done to reach your dreams.

How will you ever find the treasure if you don’t have a map to find it?

Rather than think of just the end goal think about the steps to make it achievable.

First, look at what your emotions are telling you.

Then work out mentally how to reach your goal by drawing out steps or a ‘map’ to get there.

If you try, at least you know if it is doable or not.Each step you take is one step closer to those end goals.

Have faith in yourself

What is it that’s holding you back?

Philip Karahassan
Therapy in London