Overcome Laziness

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I want to help you to break out the habit of laziness. Overcoming laziness allows you to get the things you want and to reach your full potential.

Step 1. Be conscious of your decisions.

Laziness stems from the decisions that you have made, that all of a sudden become an automatic habit.

In this instance, it wouldn’t even occur to you that there is another choice not to be lazy.

Step 2. Take that choice away.

When I am in a session a client, I call this the ‘sock technique’, but this can be used in any situation. When you see something to tidy up, like a sock, a plate or a cup, you must do it there and then. No, if’s or but’s, just go and do it.

Laziness is a habit and by starting to do everything as soon as you notice it, it will help you to form a new habit of doing everything right away.

Step 3. Reinforce that habit.

Do you notice that you never put off watching your favourite TV show? Or going on Facebook? Anything that you don’t want to do or haven’t chosen to do, are the things that you will delay doing.

You need to start seeing all of these things in the same light. Rather than feeling daunted to start them, be excited to finish them.

Instead of focusing on the dread of starting it, focus on the contentment and freedom of completing them.

Step 4. Enjoy having that weight off your shoulders.

Realise that you will be able to enjoy your time to relax even more as you won’t have the weight of the big job while you are trying to watch that tv show play a game or even go to sleep. You will be able to relax without that fear of having to start that job that you have been putting off for days or even longer.

Laziness is a state of mind,  and if you are not careful it can become a part of your identity.

However if you follow the steps I have outlined you can start to take back control of your life so that you don’t feel lazy, unmotivated and disempowered.

It starts with taking away the choice to be lazy by doing everything, no matter how small right now

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