How To Be More Interesting


If you are reading this blog, I imagine it is because you don’t think you are very interesting.

Do you feel that you have nothing to say, no one wants to talk to you or that you just feel alone?

If you think this is true – I don’t. I think you have lots to say and in fact, your point of view is just as important and knowledgeable as anyone else’s.

Let’s start to change that point of view so that you believe that you are an interesting person.


The Origins

Your first step is to acknowledge where this negative point of view came from. For example, had you been told by family or friends that you were boring or wrong most of the time. This is just another person’s point of view, however, if you seem to believe what they are saying, you have the power to change that perceived fact into fiction.

What Is An Interesting Person Like?

At this point you can acknowledge that you can change your point of view, the next step is to work out what an ‘interesting person’ is like.

How do they stand, talk, what do they talk about and how do they speak?

This is a very similar technique that I use to help people feel more confident, which is exactly what needs to be done in this situation – exude confidence.

Begin changing small parts of your behavior so that you can begin acting in a more confident way.

Not Everyone Will Be Your Friend

The next step is to accept that you are not going to be interesting to everyone. People have different beliefs, interests, and have had different upbringings. Not every is going to like the same things, watch the same TV shows or have the same hobbies as you.

This is normal, so it is not up to you to change to other people beliefs and interests – this is not what this is about.Your friends might have taken a different path and have different interests. This doesn’t mean that your interests are boring, it’s just not interesting to those specific people.


For example, I hate sports but my friends love them. This doesn’t mean that I am boring, I am just not interested in their discussions.  Therefore when the topic changes to something I am interested in I can join in and talk about that.

If you find this difficult, and you don’t connect on any topics or on any level, then you might need to question, how good a friend are they?

The last step is to surround yourself with people that share your hobbies, opinions, and point of view. To be honest, if others don’t find you interesting then how interested are you in what they are talking about?

Instead of trying to mold yourself to their interests, find friends that share your outlook. You will have a lot more to talk about.

Remember, that who you are is interesting.  Just because some people don’t connect to you you should lose confidence in yourself.

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