Mental Space

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Mental space is there to help assist your life. It’s an important space to have, to be alone with general thoughts and feelings. Increasingly however, this space is filled with other things such as computer games, looking at social media or reading a book. It is  OK to relax, however by filling every moment with distractions,  there is no time to reflect.

What’s wrong with your own company?

In the past ,there was a whole space and time we used to used to fill thinking about ourselves. You made plans, had ideas and searched for what will make you happy.

It is difficult to imagine not having something to do all the time, not being connected or being busy. Leaving your phone at home can even cause anxiety and dread!


Why do you need to be on the move all the time?

The impact is that by keeping busy this emotional energy is not being dealt with, therefore impacts on other areas of life. By keeping constantly stimulated it blocks being able to create new ideas and uncovering issues that may be getting you down. This, in turn, stops you really knowing who you are and what you want. Constant stimulation lures you into a false sense of security and numbness, stopping any kind of motivated to change.

Next time you pick up your phone, think to yourself, ‘what am I avoiding?’



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