Start Right Now

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In this blog, I want to share with you the 3 most common reasons why you might find it so hard to start anything.

What is it that holds you back?

The first reason can be that your gut instinct has been clouded by too many different points of view.

The first thought that might come into your mind could be ‘I want to make a start’ but then you think, ‘Will it work?’, or  ‘Am I doing the right thing? Can I do it?’

These are all valid points which are there to help you make the best first step.  Inevitably, however, stopping you from actually making any steps at all.

The first step is always the hardest to focus on. This is the initial thought to motivate you to actually do it.

Instant Gratification

The second is that you are only seeking short-term gain.

Your brain is engineered to seek out pleasurable experiences. It is not surprising then that you will pick to do the more pleasurable things in the short term, rather than the harder tasks that will bring long-term happiness but will take a little bit more work.

This is why starting right now is so important as it stops you feeling lazy. Helping you to avoid you procrastinating and just generally putting off what you need to do.


The last reason is feeling like you don’t have time.

If, for example, by setting some time aside to make a start you were going to receive a billion pounds – would you do it?

Inevitably, the answer is always yes which shows that at the moment at least, your goal, or your time, is not important enough for the task you’re delaying.

Something that will make it easier for you is to make a plan to do one step everytime you have some time.


All of these points have one thing in common – anxiety. Your anxiety is stopping you from trying or doing anything as you have always been told to defuse anxiety as quickly as possible. Whereas anxiety is trying to motivate you to do that thing that’s been on your mind for so long.

So, rather than just thinking about it, make that first step to a more successful life.


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