Lockdown Lifted |How to find motivation!

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With a lot of us stuck at home, especially at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, I’m sure you thought (just like me) ‘Oh the things I will get to do when lockdown is lifted!’

There were so many plans, but now that things are gradually subsiding and we can leave the house again, where is that can-do-attitude and motivation for this very moment?

Finding yourself again! 

It’s a great thought; to be ready and raring to go when you have the opportunity, but the reality is never the same.

So, if you are feeling a lack of motivation and you’re wondering why you don’t have that spark you thought would come along with your freedom – consider this, what did you actually do about it then?

That isn’t to say that it’s too late to get going, but motivation doesn’t come on it’s own. It needs its own planning and the space to appear organically. 

Even organic growth needs care and attention

So, here’s some quick tips for if you have found yourself lacking that motivation after months of being cooped up:

  • What’s your goal? 

You can’t have motivation for something without an end goal. If you were waiting for lockdown to be lifted, then it must be something that you couldn’t do at home. So what was it? 

  • Accept procrastination 

It’s fine to accept that you used lockdown as an excuse for not getting anything done. But to get past that you must listen to what it is telling you. Take a look at our guide on procrastination here.

  • What did you wish you were doing?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and you shouldn’t turn your back on it. It can teach you a surprising amount. 

So, when you were at home what was it that you wished you were doing? Was it to reach for the promotion that you were so close to getting before the office shut down? Well, it’s rarely too late to do something about it, and it’s important to remember that it wasn’t just you who had to press pause on life.

If the entire world shut down at some point, there is room for us all to pick up where we left off before the pandemic took over.

If you’re in the unfortunate situation where things have been taken out of your hands, you can still take back control. It’s still not too late. A job may pass you, but you were great at that job and coronavirus will not take that away from you. 

This is an extremely unique situation that we found ourselves in. If you think that you should have found that motivation instantly because lockdown had been lifted, there is still some work to be done.

Give yourself the time to adjust back to normal life and your drive and motivation will soon grow and evolve again.

Thanks to The Telegraph for the inspiration on motivation during Lockdown.

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