How To Stop Being Lazy?

how to stop being lazy

 Do you find that you feel lazy and never want to do anything new?

For example if your friends ask you to go out, do you say no because you can’t be bothered to get ready, travel there and make conversation even though you know you will have fun? Or do you delay doing something such as a piece of work or tidying up?

You tell yourself it’s boring and you’ll do it right after this last youtube video, then it gets done last minute and leaving you rushed, stressed and feeling guilty.

Everyone as lazy days where you don’t want to get out of bed, you just want to sit around at home, eat and sleep and it can be good to rest but, if you are not careful, you can get stuck in those lazy habits.

That one thing you need to do becomes two, two things become five things until you feel so lazy that you don’t want to do anything at all.

Where does that lazy feeling come from?

It boils down to not feeling good enough, capable or able. Therefore, you try and get rid of the anxiety of even trying in case you fail after putting the hard work into it.

This same behaviour then influences everything you do in order to stop feeling any sort of tension, anxiety or fear.

What I am describing is a Cycle of Laziness. In the same way that you form habits such as having a coffee when you get to work or putting on a Youtube video before going to sleep, so too do you form a Cycle of Laziness.

This habit requires a lot of effort to break, it has become part of your identity and helps you to feel safe and at ease.

Not only that, but laziness has a biological effect on your state of mind, mood and body.

Making you feel sluggish and sleepy even when you have not done anything. And so adding to that lazy mindset and behaviour.

So, what can you do to stop being lazy? Here are my four steps to help you break the cycle of laziness:

Step 1. Is to admit you need to change.

You justified in this way of life. You wouldn’t call yourself lazy, you just say you’ll do it later. Any excuse to not do whatever it is you need to do.

Admit that you need to change, you need to start doing things now not later.

Step 2. Notice when you are being lazy

A video by mensruta () said it best. “When a dog is chasing you, you don’t stay still and let it bite you, you run.” In the same way, if you saw some money on the floor you would rush to pick it up? When things seem urgent or fun, you will do it there and then.

This proves that you have the choice to be lazy or not. It’s just when things seem hard or boring that you delay doing them.

Step 3. Do everything Now

When you see dirty clothes on the floor and you think, ‘I’ll pick them up later’, that’s the lazy habit giving you an excuse. In the same way, if you see that money on the floor and pick it up right away, so too should these more mundane tasks.

Whatever it is that comes to mind, do it right now, as soon as you notice it, do it.  No excuses, no matter what, do it there and then.

You might think, ‘what happens if I am busy doing something else?’ Well, how many quick breaks do you take to watch a quick youtube video or show when you should be doing work? It’s the same thing, but except for doing it because it is fun, do it because you have to.

Step 4. Keep it up

Changing any habit is going to take time and perseverance.

If you notice when you feel lazy and keep doing everything you should be doing right now, the old habit of laziness will be substituted for a new habit of diligence.

Laziness is a choice.

If you make sure you do everything you should right now it will break that Cycle of Laziness.

You’ll start finding that you are not as sluggish and have more energy throughout the day, and not just when you are doing the things that you enjoy doing.


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