Why am I Lazy at Work

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Hate being lazy and don’t know how to change?

In this week’s blog, I want to discuss with you why you find you are too lazy to do the work you know you should be doing.

Laziness is a habit that creeps up on you and you are not even sure how you got there.

All you know is that everything seems like too much hard work or you procrastinate and nothing gets done.

You’re then left feeling frustrated as the work never gets done.

You Are Not Lazy

Now,  I don’t think you are lazy.

If you were lazy you wouldn’t be here, as you would be too lazy to look for a solution.

Why is it then that you are not lazy to do the things that you like, but only with what you don’t want to do?

Well, work is hard, it’s boring and it’s anxiety provoking. What happens if you get it wrong? Or it’s too difficult? Or you fail?

So instead, you do the things you know how to do. It feels comfortable and safe.


In the short term, your brain is validating the laziness; sending the feel-happy chemical Serotonin, to your brain, to make you feel good.

The root of laziness is where you put your importance. At the moment, a easy, safe life is what’s important, so you always gravitate towards those tasks and distance yourself from the difficult tasks.

Be Excited to Work

In order to break free from laziness you need to change the way that you connect to the work.

Start seeing work as something you are excited to do, so in the coming weeks I will write a blog post on how to change the way you see your work – from something anxiety-provoking which you want to put off; to something fun that you get excited about.

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