Is it time for a change?


Do you like change? Some love it, always moving, adapting and changing while others like some staticity.


Do you like new challenges? Do you find yourself too scared to try something new or prefer staying in the same place yet wishing that things would change? Which camp do you fall into?


Why Change? Positive reasons


It is important to be comfortable and safe in your day to day life. Everybody has responsibilities that mean it is not always easy to make drastic changes in what you do, even if it would make us happy.

However there comes a time where we get bored of the monotony of life. For instance the same job that we don’t enjoy or not getting on with your partner in the same way you used to.

I am not saying you should necessarily get up and change everything, but how can you change your life for the better?

Maybe by changing your behaviour, the way you relate to a partner in a relationship or by looking for that new job. It doesn’t always need to be drastic black and white change but  a small change can yield big results.




Why Change? Negative Reasons 


For some, staying still is dangerous. It can feel as if something is missing and that there is something better out there. You can feel constantly on the cusp of happiness without ever getting there.

By staying still there is the added pressure of responsibility. You can find yourself Having to deal with responsibilities at work or with family which you may not feel ready or able to manage.


So, we keep moving, never remaining still long enough to have any pressure put on us.


You’re Essentially chopping and changing so that you don’t have to deal with your problems.


Change is not always good, sometimes we need to stay and fight so that issues can be dealt with for future growth..


A change however small can seem daunting but can change who you are, your personality and identity for the better.

Growth is part of life, who you were in the past can hold you back significantly.

Think about who you are and what you want, is your behaviour helping or hindering your quest for fulfillment and happiness?
It is your responsibility to make that change so what’s stopping you?


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