I Feel Frustrated

Frustrated Therapy in London

How do you deal with frustration?

Frustration makes you feel limited and trapped, and that feeling stops you from seeing a way out.

The reason you feel this way is because you have never been taught to understand the message of your more negative emotions.

You are told not to feel sad and to take your mind away from the frustration; do something fun and just be happy!

It’s understandable that people will try to help. No one wants to see you sad and they want to relieve the stress from you. By ignoring your emotions, however, it has a negative impact on your life.  Instead of staying with the frustrated feeling,  telling you what’s wrong and how to fix it, you run from it. So the message of your frustration never gets dealt with, instead fill your time doing something else to try and stop you feeling frustrated. However that frustrated feeling, if not dealt with, will come up again and again until you fix whats wrong.

Taught to Run from Frustration

This is because the way you have been taught to deal with frustration, as with many of our more negative sad emotions, is to run from it and distance yourself from them. This, in turn, limits you, you rather than using these feelings to enhance your way of life.

By ignoring the frustration nothing gets sorted and the frustration grows which is why this will ultimately lead you to feel angry sad and depressed.


How do you start to feel better?

Understand and dissipate the feelings of frustration.


  1. Stay with the frustration. Learn that feeling frustrated may hurt emotionally for a moment but staying with it and learning from it will lead to growth.
  1. Listen to the message such as ‘I hate my job’ or ‘I hate feeling this way’.
  1. Start to recognise how you can change your life. You will still feel frustrated at this point and dejected that you have to change something, but start small. What small change can you make right now to help you along the way?


  1. Keep going. It might seem like a long road but it all starts with that small step. If you aim for one small step a day towards a happier life, the frustration will start to decrease and before you know it, rather than dreaming of the life you want, you will be living it.


It’s all about facing the frustration and using its message to change your life for the better. Rather than attempting to run from those feelings keeping you bound in anger, frustration and sadness.


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