How to Be Yourself | Listening to Your Instincts

lacking motivation

Many would like to try new things and achieve more but feel unable toThey feel like they are lacking motivation, but that’s not the whole story.

Throughout people’s lives they are told by others to ‘be happy with what you have’, ‘stop being selfish’  and you should ‘count your blessings for what you have achieved’.

Then all that is  left are thoughts of ‘what’s the point in trying?’

You think ‘Everyone sees my efforts as negative, so maybe I am wrong. Maybe I should stop trying to get better and reach my goals if everyone else is telling me not to’.

Don’t get me wrong it’s OK to listen to people’s advice sometimes but it is also important to follow your gut, so that you can at least try for what you really want.

This, in part, is linked to safety. It’s safe to stay in the same position, job or relationship as you know what to expect. Safety can be good but it can also be stifling and lead you to feeling demotivated as you are not putting your efforts where you want them to go.

It is important to listen to others advice but, what’s wrong with your voice and your needs?

Where is your voice?

You know what you want, so why are you listening to everyone else? Their voice becomes more important than yours.

You are the master of your own happiness so listen to yourself if you feel something needs to be done or you want to try something new.

Think about what you want rather than what other people have told you.

Even saying it can sound silly; someone else telling you what will make you happy. But remember you are the master of what makes you happy. I hasten to add that your safety is important so I do not condone anything illegal.

Why don’t you try one new thing this week. See how it goes listening to your voice rather than everyone else’s.

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