How to be Lucky

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Do you only ever notice others with a life that would rather have?

For instance, they might have a partner, a house or money and everything seems easier for them. You might think that they are so lucky and wish you could be as lucky as them.

What is Luck?

Luck is a feeling that you have no control over, yet there are ways to be luckier in life.

Essentially all luck is, is playing the odds. It isn’t just about doing the same things as others and expecting luck to come your way.

The more times you try the more chance you have of being ‘lucky’.

So, in order to create your own luck in life, you need to start acting differently. Instead of doing the same things over and over expecting things to change, do something new.


The amount of YouTube videos that I have done over the past few years with only a few views, not being found and being at the bottom of the search pile.

So rather than giving up I changed the format, learnt how to edit, practised my speech, and soon I became more engagement; more views and more subscribers.

By learning to adapt and persevering, I have made it more likely that my channel will be found; therefore more likely to be lucky.

Create Luck

So my top tips for creating luck are:

  1. Do one thing a day which leads you one step closer to your goal.
  2. Keep learning so that you find the way that works.
  3. Keep on going even when you feel sad and dejected that things aren’t working out.

Luck is within your grasp, so start making yourself luckier from today.

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