Here’s How You Can Make More Time!

Time is precious for many. Especially with busy lives, trying to meet others’ expectations and finding the chance to save some time for yourself.

Some things are just too important to put to the wayside though, but it’s easier said than done to make sure you do them. So here are my 5 ways you can create more time to do the more important things in life.


This is something easily forgotten. If you have lots of things to do then you’re likley to start with the easiest, or the task you most enjoy doing.

This is how the important things get missed, so by prioritising what you must do as opposed to what you want to do you can ensure that anything important gets completed first, leaving you to do the more enjoyable things without feeling guilty about it.

Don’t procrastinate

It’s easy enough to put things off, but you might not realise how much time procrastination saps away. 

The energy that goes into avoiding something and then feeling guilty and constantly dwelling on it, is time that could be used to do something productive – or could even be used to actually complete the task you are avoiding!

Active concentration

Once you convince yourself to crack on and actually start something, you then need to keep that concentration going. 

It’s all well and good starting something, but the next obstacle is carrying on and completing it successfully.

So, avoid distractions, and even give yourself the task of doing it in small doses. For example, rather than trying to finish something with the TV on, give yourself 2 hours of work with no TV and as a reward for doing that, you can watch one episode of that Netflix show.

Feel the fear

Stress can be a very powerful, all-consuming distraction and it can make you want to not do anything at all if you’re just overwhelmed.

Just remember, stress is there for a reason; to tell you that something isn’t right and you must do something about it. So, consider each thing that is making you feel stressed and focus on ridding yourself of each task with the thought that once it’s done, you won’t be stressed about it anymore.

Once you feel the fear, you will be able to listen to what it has to say and alleviate it completely.

Trust yourself

In the same way that you must listen to what your stress has to say, you also need to trust how you are feeling in the moment and embrace what you feel in your gut.

If you feel any doubt that you can’t complete a certain task, ask yourself why. Stress will make you feel that you cannot accomplish what you need to do, but have faith in yourself that it is possible.

Once you can overcome those negative feelings, they will be able to fuel you to do what you need to do.

Start maximising your time by making the time to do those important tasks, and then you will create a chance for you to take a well deserved rest.

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