Good Habits

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Whenever habits are discussed they’re seen as predominantly bad, when in actuality, good habits can help you live an easier life.

Habits just need a tweak to the point where they can help rather than hold you back. In order to do this, you need to change your mindset.


Your first step is to realise that just like the bad habits you feel compelled to follow, so too can you feel compelled to follow good habits.

A New Outlook

Next, start changing the way you think about doing certain jobs or tasks.
The way that you stick to anything is to find it fun, so you need to stop seeing those jobs as boring, tough or anxiety-provoking, and start seeing them as more rewarding or exciting.

The best way to do this is rather than focusing on the feeling attached to doing the job, instead focus on how relieved you will be when you finally complete it and no longer have to think about it.

Do it NOW!

You then need to start doing things as soon as you notice they need doing.

Many procrastinate doing certain tasks or jobs and put them to the bottom of an ever-growing list.
Those jobs, you have got to go and do it as soon as possible.

To begin, start small. Do things around your house that you see daily such as picking up socks or putting a wash on and build up from there. Consider it no longer an option to delay doing it, see it as a part of your life that you have to follow.


Next, notice what your triggers are that stop you from doing these tasks. For example, when things get tough, do you go onto Facebook, watch TV or make a sandwich when you’re not even hungry? Notice what you are doing and ask yourself why you are doing it.


Lastly, you need to practice. You need to establish these new routines, it is going to help you keep these new, good habits going and eradicate the bad ones.

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