Gain Confidence in Yourself!

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Finding confidence in yourself can be tough for many of you, but really, focusing on your abilities, what you have to offer and what you ultimately want is the guide to gaining confidence. In this article I share the three main pillars of self confidence which are a great tool to embracing confidence in yourself. These pillars are self-esteem, self-worth and trust. What would you say are you proud of in yourself? What do you believe is your own worth to others? And do you have trust in what you do and what others’ can do around you.

I hear a lot of people say very matter of factly that they’re ‘not a very confident person’ – meaning you are identifying as an unconfident person.

Confidence is something that you can grow and develop. It shouldn’t be your identity.

Confidence gives you the ability to try new things and ultimately get what you want. So, without confidence, you will find yourself unable to move forward in life. You can find yourself stuck with a fear of the unknown.

It’s knowing what to do

Really, gaining confidence means knowing what you want and what to do. 

For example, you know how to get out of bed, brush your teeth and get dressed; everything you do is done because you are used to doing it and comes with practice and experience.

The three pillars of self-confidence

These three pillars are a guide in the right direction to confidence. These are self-esteem, self-worth, and trust. Once you know how to build on these, you can build up your confidence too. 


If you like yourself, you can do anything. So, what are you proud that you have achieved and are you good at? Your self-esteem will come from you acknowledging your own abilities and using them proudly.


Self-esteem is all well and good, but without self-worth you will never feel like it is worth your time to make the effort or utilise your abilities.

Realise that that putting in the time to do what makes you happy is deserving of not only you but also everyone around you. Confidence will come from you raising your self-worth considerably.


Trust yourself and trust others too. Both go hand in hand to you being able to embrace your self-esteem, self-worth and gain the confidence that you deserve for yourself.

This is the start of an ongoing series on confidence and building the best, most positive version of yourself. 

Eventually, I want you to be able to maximise your potential and get want you want in every situation.

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