Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything you need to know about therapy

What should I expect from counselling?

The therapeutic relationship between you and your counsellor means entering a non-judgemental, confidential and secure environment. This then allows for a trusting relationship to develop. 

This relationship enables open and upfront discussion about your past, present and how you can adapt to deal with your future.

Each session lasts for one therapeutic hour (50 minutes) and should be at least once a week. This allows for you to gain a sense of consistency for your own mental health development and offers the most affective amount of time between sessions for self-reflection and to use any tools offered.

Do I need counselling?

What counselling and therapy offer is a chance to reflect on your past, present and future goals. This is applicable to anyone and can benefit you whether you believe you have something to talk about or not

Being aware and nurturing your mental health is important for anyone, and counselling offers a structure and routine so that you are able to put your well being first on a regular basis.

What will I talk about?

If you have something specific that you would like to bring up, then your session is your time to do with as you wish. If you feel like you either don’t know where to start or you won’t know what to say, that is no reason to cancel or push back your session.

Therapy in London specifically, will take each session as it comes and follow your lead. This can be either listening and helping you through a bad week or being a safe space for you to think and reflect.

There is no pressure to keep up a conversation and there will be a reciprocal dialogue between counsellor and client. There is no pressure to talk about anything in particular and we go at a pace that suits you. 

Counselling is a journey to undertake together.

Is therapy worth it?

Ultimately, yes. Counselling and therapy can be life-changing, create a new lease of life and offer reflection in aspects of life that you may never have considered before.
This is only case however if you are ready and willing to partake in this journey.

When in therapy, you might be given tools and practical homework to use and accomplish in between sessions. And these are just as important to your progress as the sessions themselves.

Therapy and counselling is worth it to you if you are ready to make change.


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