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Do you trust yourself? You should – and here’s how

If you have good ideas and you simply try to do something new it means you are that much more likely to succeed. Trusting that your sights are on point and you have what it takes to get there is one of the final pillars of confidence. Without trusting yourself you won’t want do or try anything on your own, you will be looking to others for direction and will find it difficult to find your own true path. But, once you trust that your point of view means something, you will have what is takes to find success.

Want more self-esteem? Use this (very easy) technique

Self esteem is a huge pillar for gaining and maintaining confidence in yourself and even in others. In this article I will be discussing what is involved in finding your own self-esteem which includes, knowing your strengths and what to do with them, plus accepting your weaknesses and what you can improve on. The combination of realising both of these is the answer to a confident, stable and happier you.

Gain Confidence in Yourself!

Finding confidence in yourself can be tough for many of you, but really, focusing on your abilities, what you have to offer and what you ultimately want is the guide to gaining confidence. In this article I share the three main pillars of self confidence which are a great tool to embracing confidence in yourself. These pillars are self-esteem, self-worth and trust. What would you say are you proud of in yourself? What do you believe is your own worth to others? And do you have trust in what you do and what others’ can do around you.

Stop Feeling Happy. Be Content Instead

You may think that at the top of your goals should be the aim to be happy – but this isn’t the case. Feeling content is a far more viable goal for yourself and will lead to longer term goals rather than short term achievements. This week I explain the difference between being happy vs content and why you should set your sights on the more long term rewards.

Why Are You Attracting Toxic People?

I recently had someone reach out who was questioning why they seemed to constantly get involved with toxic people.

They commented that they always seemed to be around these types of people, even though they will cause this person a lot of anxiety.

This is more common that you may think and so, I want to make this simple with my four reasons why you do this.

With these four reasons, you should come to an understanding as to why you find yourself around toxic people, and how to stop attracting them.