Your Guide to Motivation

Motivation is a key pillar for success, but how do you keep it up? Once you find your motivation then the next trick is sticking to and building on it. 

It’s difficult to find motivation if you can’t even remember what it feels like. 

When you find yourself without motivation, you can also forget what it even feels like to jump out of bed in the morning with a click of the heels, ready for what the day has to offer.

Motivation isn’t easy to come by, but everyone can find it.

These days, it’s not in the form of a muse or a clear-cut sign, it is found in yourself if you are willing to nurture your own wellbeing and the actions that you take from here on in.

Every step towards success starts with action and finding motivation is no different.

There can be a few common reasons why you lose motivation:

Getting Validation for something is rooted in comfort rather than success. 

This means that rather than having motivation to create a new goal for yourself and complete it, you instead look for the familiar failure and surrender to the fear and anxiety of failure.

You prefer short term gain, rather than a long term reward. 

This follows on from preferring the safe and familiar. Success from short term goals is short-lived. 

I.e If you pick up some rubbish and throw it away rather than kicking it under the sofa, you create a long term achievement for yourself with more success and long-standing motivation for that goal. 

Rubbish under the sofa is out of sight in the short-term, but builds up creating more work later on and more and more stress to do that same task again and again.

You end up doing things you find easier

You can see how all of these reasons for lacking motivation leak into one another. Easy tasks mean, again, short-term reward. It’s all well and good doing something easy, but was it really that satisfying? And if you didn’t find it satisfying to complete, how are you going to build up any motivation to do it again?

Lack of self-belief as you don’t feel you can do the harder things.

When you’re used to just doing what you find easy, that’s a quick way to convince yourself that your capabilities don’t go any further than that. This is where self-belief needs to be nourished by testing your own limits and pushing yourself to do those slightly harder tasks.

Being comfortable feels great, but when you lack the urge to challenge yourself, motivation can be hard to come by. 

This is what short-term gain offers; a feeling of comfort and security. However, when life becomes safe, then personal development and growth can come to a halt.

When you are in that mindset, I’m sure that you make excuses to stay in that bubble, which leads you to feel safe but at the same time underwhelmed and frustrated.

Motivation is obtainable for anyone. Talking counselling and therapy is there to help steer you in the direction of growth and drive.

What Therapy in London can offer is the opportunity to consider your own self-worth, what you are capable of, and utilise that to build your maximum potential. Find out more about Therapy in London and how we can help.