Why Do You Feel Scared?

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Fear is your response to danger. You feel that something dangerous is going to happen; your brain and your body are trying to get you out of that situation as there is a felt risk to your life.

Know the root cause.

With that knowledge step 2 is to find the root cause of your particular fear. Everyone is scared of different things, for some people it’s spiders, or talking to strangers and for some others, it’s baked beans. Seemingly, they’re different situations or things but they all have a common theme, which is that in the past, you were either shocked or scared by it or told that it is dangerous.

The key part of both step one and two is that this all stems from your past. On the one hand, the fear has done a good job at making you feel safe and secure. On the other it has stopped you trying new things. Keeping you bound in apprehension, anxiety, and frustration throughout your life.

Next, you need to begin change This is the hardest part but the most important.

Stop Procrastinating.

That’s with everything. I call it a sock moment. When you see a sock on the floor, you can’t say you will do it later. What you need to do it right now! You are probably thinking it’s just a sock, what difference will that make? Well, it’s not about the sock, it’s about doing what you know you should do so that this way of behaving becomes a habit. There are no excuses! You cannot back out!

In the same way, when you are in that coffee shop and you see a person you want to talk to and would usually feel too scared to, you have to go and talk to them. This then leads nicely into the next step.

Start Taking Risks.

When I say risks, there’s not need to do anything dangerous, but anything you’re too scared to do or can’t be bothered to do, you do it.

Talk to people, ask that person out, have a closer look at that spider, eat some baked beans. There are some things that will be harder than others, but start small. You will feel scared and mess up, but this is where step five comes in.

Accept Failure.

Get used to failing as you are going to be trying new things and you are not going to be perfect at it right away. The more you try, the better you will get.

If you follow these five steps soon you will be doing the things that you want to do rather than feeling stifled by fear.

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