Facebook Dislike Button

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Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is to introduce a dislike button. With over a billion of us active on facebook it has become an integral part of Western society.

The dislike button has been requested for years and In a Q&A session held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, the 31-year-old said: “the button would be a way for people to express empathy.”

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That statement really got to me. In a world of online dating, text messaging and emails, many people are using the ananimity found with non-face-to-face contact. Finding it easier to express feelings harder to manage.

To highlight the point, there was recently a mobile phone advert where a mother proudly commented that her son can say he loves her via text, as he would never do that in real life. It seems we are running from powerful or hard emotions by turning to technology to send a message to us.

At what consequence though? The message is getting through but is the feeling or the raw emotion?

Zuckerberg’s statement about the dislike button really sums up my thoughts on the matter. It seems that we need an online forum to show our condolences so that we don’t need to be in that emotionally painful place. It devalues the time we should be giving up to show our condolences; the physicality of showing our vulnerability and connecting with our feelings. It is almost ‘box ticked, now let’s look at some funny gifs’.